• “When sending my children to Trinity Nursery, I feel that they are loved, valued and well cared for. The staff are professional and diligent,
    Trinity Nursery Parent
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Welcome to Trinity School, Brentwood

Welcome to Trinity School, where your children are the very heart of everything we do.

Children love to learn, to experiment and explore and, in our supportive and nurturing environment and with the school’s foundations clearly established in our Christian faith, every day should be full of creative opportunities in a vibrant atmosphere which focuses on each child as an individual.

We value our past and our traditions, however, from September 2017, Trinity School will focus solely on our vibrant and thriving Primary School and Nursery. Quality teaching, small classes, an expanding sports and extra-curricular programme, excellent pastoral care and effective communication between school and home all combine to provide children with a wonderful, fun and exciting start to their educational journey.

We are privileged to enjoy an extraordinary and beautiful site comprising 73 acres of woodland, fields, cycle path, adventure playground and opportunities for a varied outdoor programme.

Please come and visit us and see for yourselves the happy, stimulating day that our children enjoy. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Our Ethos

Pupils are consistently taught to respect adults, each other and the school’s property. Each pupil is recognised as an individual, unique in God’s eyes and with individual God-given abilities and talents to be recognised and developed. Honesty, openness, integrity and hard work are promoted through all aspects of the school life in order to assist the children achieve their full potential.

Mission Statement

“We, the Leadership, Trustees, Management, Staff and Parents, are committed to care for the children entrusted to us. Each child is unique in God’s eyes with individual, God-given abilities and talents to be recognised and developed. As much as we are able we will nurture, train and educate each child, supporting them as they discover God’s plan for their lives.

With Christ at the centre, we, as living witnesses to the Christian faith, will endeavour to inspire the children to follow God, cherish His Word, seek His will and excel in all that they do.”

Making an Enquiry

Let us know of your interest in your child or children joining the school and we will get back in touch.