• “Coming from Singapore to study at Trinity School has been a unique experience. In my two years of study here, I have been taught by very motivated and passionate teachers
    Tracie Ooi
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Welcome to Trinity School, Brentwood

Whether you are involved in selecting a school for your son or daughter, interested in helping at Trinity, or simply trying to find out more about our school, we trust you will find our website useful.

The emphasis of the school is for each child to excel in their capabilities in academic study, in social skills, in sport, in music, and in their enjoyment of life. Staff and parents work together to achieve the best for the children in an holistic way, building a curriculum that engages body, mind and spirit.

Our Ethos

Pupils are consistently taught to respect adults, each other and the school’s property. Each pupil is recognised as an individual, unique in God’s eyes and with individual God-given abilities and talents to be recognised and developed. Honesty, openness, integrity and hard work are promoted through all aspects of the school life in order to assist the children achieve their full potential.

Mission Statement

“We, the Leadership, Trustees, Management, Staff and Parents, are committed to care for the children entrusted to us. Each child is unique in God’s eyes with individual, God-given abilities and talents to be recognised and developed. As much as we are able we will nurture, train and educate each child, supporting them as they discover God’s plan for their lives.

With Christ at the centre, we, as living witnesses to the Christian faith, will endeavour to inspire the children to follow God, cherish His Word, seek His will and excel in all that they do.”

Making an Enquiry

Let us know of your interest in your child or children joining the school and we will get back in touch.