Good governance is a critical ingredient in the long term well-being of the school. We have an experienced Trustee team in place to ensure the continuity of a good Christian education for many generations to come.

The Trustees

The Trustees have two primary functions; firstly, to ensure the legality, financial well-being and sustainability of the school; secondly, alongside the teachers and parents, to ensure that the ethos and aims of the School remain firmly at the heart of daily life in the school.

School Board of Governors

The direct oversight of the school has been delegated to a Trinity School Committee (TSC) who function in a similar way to a Board of Governors. Their role is to ensure the school operates effectively as well as working closely with the school management team to ensure that the educational, cultural, sporting and pastoral well-being of the school is well planned and executed. The make up of the TSC reflects broad experience; this ensures every aspect of the school has a reference point in skills represented by the members of the TSC.

The current TSC members are as follows:

  • John Shelton (Chair, Chair of the Board of Trustees)
  • Fiona Green (Trustee)
  • David Coleman (Trustee)
  • Victoria De Coster (Parent)
  • Magali Ellis (Head)

Three members of the Trinity School Committee are also trustees in order to maintain good information flow between both parties and to ensure continuity of purpose.