Our Staff

Teachers and helpers in the school are members of local churches, and are committed to the founding vision for Trinity as well as Christian values in education. They are enthusiastic about their subjects, and seek to provide a happy and loving atmosphere for the children with praise and rewards for positive achievement. Pupils are inspired by staff who are a living testimony to honesty, industry and personal integrity.

As a thriving and growing school we welcome interest from people who may wish to contribute additional practical help; in the classroom, in the kitchen, or in a host of other possible ways. For more information please contact the School Office on 01277 374123 or via email on enquiries@trinityschool.ac

Brizes Park

A full list of our staff can be found below:

  • Year 1: Mrs E Green-Thompson / Mrs L Whitaker / Miss R Whealy
  • Year 2: Mrs A Weil / Mrs L Medland
  • Year 3: Mrs E Atter
  • Year 4:┬áMr J van As
  • Year 5: Mrs J Addai
  • Year 6: Mr T Halley / Mrs H Cross
  • Music: Mrs R Taylor
  • Physical Education: Mrs J de Klerk / Mr J Potter / Mr R Whitaker / Mr J van As / Mr T Halley
  • Ballet/Dance: Miss M Harkes