Admissions path

Admissions path

Trinity School is a Christian school and provides a unique educational setting characterised by Christian values grounded in Biblical truth. One of the strengths of the school is the alignment of purpose between the home, the school and the church such that the values, beliefs and moral standards are upheld. The school is open to children of Christian families from other churches who appreciate the nature of the school and who bring a similar commitment to purpose.

Many of the staff are parents/guardians some of which volunteer to teach in the school. Others choose to get involved in different areas such as administration, gardening and maintenance. As families become involved, a strong sense of community and mutual support is established, creating a partnership of home, school and church that enhances the children’s education.

Applications to the School are welcome at any time during the academic year, but in normal circumstances would be expected at least three months before any anticipated enrolment date. The responsibility for final decisions regarding entry to and continuance in Trinity School is placed with the Admissions Committee, which will apply the principles of this policy with appropriate discretion.

Applications will normally only be considered from families who are living in reasonable proximity, typically within a 15km radius of the school.

The conditions for admission serve as a minimum requirement and failure to comply with the conditions will form grounds for an application to be rejected, or an offer of a place withdrawn, or to initiate a review process for an existing pupil that could lead to permanent exclusion. A specific example would be if misleading or incorrect information was provided.

Applications are welcomed for children with special educational needs. The ability of the school to meet those needs, in the best interest of the child, will form part of the consideration in reaching an admission decision.