How selective is Trinity on entry?

For us, attitude of both the children and the parents is the key. We are interested in potential and people who enjoy their academic work. Excellent exam results emerge from a broad-based, rounded education.



How early do I need to register my child?

Applications are welcome at any time during the academic year, but in normal circumstances would be expected at least three months before any anticipated enrollment date.

Do you accept children with Special needs?

Applications are welcomed for children with special educational needs. The ability of the school to meet those needs, in the best interest of the child, will form part of the consideration in reaching an admission decision.

Is there any assistance with fees?

We have a bursary award scheme in place for parents who need genuine financial assistance with fees. Each individual case is reviewed by an independent panel of people and your details are kept confidential at all times.

If you would like to find out more information or would like to make an application please contact Claire Lim in the first instance (email is claire.lim@trinityschool.ac or you can telephone on 01277 374123) Please be reassured your details will be kept private and no one except yourself and the panel will be aware you have made an application.



Do we need to be a Christian family to join?

Trinity School is a Christian school with a thoroughly Christian Ethos. It is expected that parents are either regular attenders at Trinity Church in Brentwood or at another Christian church. All children are educated in keeping with Christian values.

Is there an entrance exam?

No, Trinity is a non-selective school. Pupils are offered a place if we feel that they can cope with the pace of the curriculum and we can offer an education that will fulfil their potential.

How big are the classes?

We pride ourselves on small classes where every child can be nurtured and supported.

Can we pay the fees in installments?

Yes. We allow parents to pay for the fees on a monthly basis to help you spread the cost over the year.