Inspection Report

Historical Inspections

Infant School

Thanks to the dedication of the staff, recognition from the Department of Education was achieved in 1983 with Her Majesty’s Inspectors singling out the school’s curriculum for particular praise. A later report from the Department for Education and Employment described the teaching as ‘excellent….authoritative, lively and committed’, with pupils ‘motivated, keen to learn and delightful’. The 2005 report, conducted by the Independent Schools Association, made the following comment on the school: ‘The unique collaboration of teachers and parents, united by common Christian values and beliefs, produces young people who leave the school with the highest standards of academic achievement and sporting success. At the same time, these young people are confident and assured.’

Latest Inspection Report

In the most recent inspection in 2017 the school received the following feedback:

Nursery [the highest inspection grade achievable is ‘outstanding’]
The Nursery achieved OUTSTANDING in all areas:
• The overall effectiveness of the Early Years provision
• Effectiveness of leadership and management
• Quality of teaching, learning and assessment
• Personal development, behaviour and welfare
• Outcomes for children

Primary School [the highest inspection grade achievable is ‘excellent’]
The Primary achieved EXCELLENT in:
• Quality of the pupils’ personal development
• Progress in EYFS
The Primary achieved GOOD in:
• The quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements

Compliance [the inspection grade is ‘met’ or ‘not met’]
All aspects of Compliance have been MET successfully:
• Quality of Education
• Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of pupils
• Welfare, Health and Safety of Pupils
• Suitability of Staff and Proprietors
• Premises
• Provision of Information
• Manner in which complaints are handled
• Quality of Leadership in and Management of Schools.

The full inspection reports can be found below:
Focused Compliance Inspection Report
Educational Quality Inspection